Lucent Dossier

The Lucent Dossier experience is all immersive and will become an integral part of any evening, wowing guests and creating long lasting memories. Your event will come alive with characters who feel as if they have lived within the event space their entire lives. With Lucent at the help, the 4th wall — separating guests from the magical Lucent characters — will dissolve. The events of the evening will swell up out of the very fiber of the room creating an alluring atmosphere to disappear as quickly as they came. Lucent Dossier aims to create a fully immersive experience, taking guests into the performance with them. Each person in the room is given a permission slip to feel free, light, young and carefree. Each Lucent Event has several core elements which remain consistent nightly: elegance, inclusion, fantasy, indlugence and of utmost importance: a commitment to high end performance.

A social media platform may be incorporated into the fabric of the experience allowing guests to reach out beyond the walls of the venue to share the unforgettable evening with their loved ones. Lucent Dossier's performers are highly skilled with many years of training in their specialties. Additionaly, Lucent trains each performer for over 2 years in the Lucent Technique, a form of interactive play and a way of building playful worlds for the audiecne to comfortably immerse themselves in. Having romanced audiences all over the globe, Lucent's singers, dancers, acrobats and aerial performers as well as other speciality performers are experienced in creating immersive moments that will transport guests into the Lucent world. 

Home Base: Los Angeles