Luca Ellis

Luca Ellis built his foundation as a crooner in the lounges of fine dining chop houses and mansions for Hollywood’s elite. Luca is widely known for mastering the singing style, phrasing and intonation of Frank Sinatra.  

The LA Times stated, "Ellis reproduces the minutest nuances of this certain singer's style. His tone is smooth if lightly sandpapered, narrowed and focused so that it sounds like a horn. He bends pitches a tad, like a jazz instrumentalist; his diction turns, at times, percussive."

With a repertoire of 500+ songs, Luca has been delighting audiences for the last seven years, bringing his swagger to everything from weddings to Bar Mitzvahs to a wide array of corporate events. You can currently catch him performing every Wednesday night at the Renaissance Hotel and Spa in Hollywood from 9 to 11pm. You can also catch him at the Biltmore Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles, once a month. 

Home Base: Los Angeles