Lori Carsillo

"Lori Carsillo is a vocal musician of relaxed, cool self-assurance and her voice is special for its unfiltered feelings and melodic warmth." - Herb Wong, Jazz Historian, Writer, Producer, Black Hawk Records & Palo Alto Records Founder

A noted presence on the Bay Area jazz scene, Lori Carsillo (an Italian name, pronounced: “car-SILL-oh”), is a vocalist of subtlety and sophistication. The nuance of her phrasing is constantly fresh and compelling. Her repertoire, a mix of well-known favorites and forgotten gems, draws praise from listeners as well as fellow musicians, as does her innate musical sense and down-to-earth nature. She sings with an unaffected, unpretentious style, never overreaching, and always at ease.

Carsillo has performed at top Bay Area venues — Yoshi’s, Bimbo’s 365 Club, Cafe Claude, the San Jose Jazz Festival — and performed up and down the West Coast. In her formative years, she traveled throughout Europe singing at such festivals as the North Sea Jazz Festival and Umbria Jazz Festival. During the last few years, she has been invited to Santa Fe, NM where she has become a regular guest artist in several local jazz series. Paul Weideman of The New Mexican Pasatiempo Magazine observes, “She has a gorgeous voice, like velvet.”

With a vivacious and dynamic musical sense, Lori Carsillo is a compelling force in the world of jazz. Scott Yanow, jazz historian and author, observes, "Lori floats above ensembles, digs deep into the words that she interprets, and usually has a smile in her voice. The effect is consistently intoxicating." 

Home Base: San Francisco