London Gypsy Swing Band

A modern swing band that can appear as a duo, trio or a quartet line up, their basic format is as a traditional swing line up that consists of two guitars and a double bass. The repertoire of the band combines traditional swing and Django Reinhardt tracks with modern jazz. They can also collaborate with a team of talented singers that bring a vintage jazz edge to the whole experience.

The line up is compact and as an acoustic act, they make a perfect match for events where background music is required. Their ability to interact with the audience when required combined with a cheerful vibe and their virtuosity of style makes them stand out as a great showband. Their quirky and upbeat style of playing always gets guests moving and provides an interesting talking point at events.

As a guitar duo they have been one of the most in demand in London's wineries and cocktail bars, performing on a regular basis in places such as the Victualler, wapping, El Gaucho, Maison St. Germain, soho, Primo Bar, and Chino Latino, park plaza hotel, to mention but a few.

Home Base: London