Live Band Karaoke SF

In 2009, the "Second Thursday Jammers" began meeting in the downstairs floor of a restaurant in San Francisco. Each month they played music together, and over time, they adopted a unique approach in which each participant takes a turn leading a song. The leader takes the time to teach the song to everyone and then orchestrate a performance.

They created a safe environment for musical exploration, so much so that some of their members overcame long-held fears and began singing in public.

Live Band Karaoke SF was born when they found ourselves wanting to share this unique musical experience with others. It has been featured in a variety of settings, including corporate parties, holiday events, birthday parties, block parties, school fundraisers, and even as a Burning Man art project.

For most participants, it's their first experience singing with a real band. Everyone has a great time, and you will also!

Home Base: San Francisco