Lauren Murphy

Dubbed "Lady Willpower" early on in her career by Relix Magazine, Lauren Murphy's fortitude shines through not only in her life, but especially in her music. Born in Baton Rouge, La., Murphy is best known for her background vocals with the San Francisco-based band Zero (Steve Kimock, Robert Hunter, Judge Murphy), and as band leader/main composer of Lansdale Station (2005-2013), the award winning act she established with her late husband and legendary vocalist, The Judge. A classically trained musician who studied at LSU, Lauren has primarily worked in California's rock and roll arena, but has recently turned back to the warm toned acoustic music she began her career with over 15 years ago.

Murphy is a highly respected iconic singer throughout Northern & Central California and on into the South East. She's shared stages with the cream of the crop from coast to coast including Wavy Gravy, Steve Kimock, Carlos Reyes, Mark Karan (Rat Dog), Will Kimbrough (AMA Multi-Instrumentalist, Emmylou Harris/Rodney Crowell), The Jerry Garcia Band, members of the Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Lisa Loeb, Grayson Capps (Love Song for Bobby Long, Treme), and many more. 

Compared to Grace Slick, EmmyLou Harris, & Linda Ronstadt, with the passion of Janis Joplin, Murphy is completely unique in her vocal stylings. Sensitive powerful and dynamic, she captivates her audience with finely crafted tales that span the gambit of the human condition. 

Home Base: San Francisco