Laurel Thomsen

Laurel Thomsen has always had an ear for song, and by six, music possessed her. Following a range of childhood musical experiences, Laurel asked for a violin at nine and immediately took flight. She studied classical violin and viola with many fine teachers and played in a variety of orchestras in California, Montana, and Italy. In her early twenties, Laurel took off into new musical territory, and she was soon sought after not only for her classical expertise but for her ability to find the voice of the violin across increasingly diverse genres.

Laurel's violin and viola abilities are praised not only for her masterful technique and sweet tone, but for her extraordinary ability to convey emotion. Laurel hears music as a story, and when she plays or sings, vivid imagery and deep feeling move her beyond the auditory. She experiences music as a form of dynamic communication with her collaborators, her audience, her students, and her inner self. 

Home Base: San Francisco