Lagos Roots

Lagos Roots is a 17-piece afrobeat ensemble that brings it back to the root: straight to 1970’s West Africa. Led by Geoffrey Omadhebo (Sonny Okosuns, OJ Ekemode), Lagos Roots is steeped in unfiltered, deeply-grooved and intense Nigerian Afrobeat — horn-blasted tribal funk rhythms that keep you moving (and sweating) to the music of the Kalakuta Republic.

Each member of Lagos Roots is a seasoned artist with reputations worthy of individual praise. And together, they are receiving it, capturing the hearts of world music and funky breakbeat lovers with their ability to draw out an authentic and infectious afrobeat sound.

Recalling some of the artists with whom members of Lagos Roots have recorded or shared the stage, reads like a "who's who" in music: Bob Marley & The Wailers, Paul McCartney & Wings, Jimmy Cliff, Ginger Baker of Cream, Peter Tosh, Toots & the Maytals, Eddy Grant, and many more.

Emerging from a long held dream to put together a band containing original master musicians and members of a new generation of afrobeat musicians, Lagos Roots Afrobeat Ensemble represents an important step in the evolution of the style of Nigerian afrobeat once imagined by Fela Kuti & the Afrika 70. 

Home Base: San Francisco