LA Allstars Unplugged

LA Allstars has come up with another fun, fabulous option for live entertainment: LA ALLSTARS Unplugged

Featuring their engaging vocalists performing your favorite hits from yesterday and today in an intimate, unplugged setting. An upbeat acoustic guitar, grooving percussion and stand up bass, will definitely have you and your guess up dancing, singing along and clapping to the beat. If you want an energetic more intimate live experience LA ALLSTARS Unplugged is your ticket.

LA ALLSTARS Unplugged is available in several configurations to provide you wih the perfect live band for your next event.

LA ALLSTARS Unplugged has a frsh, hip-edgy vibe, paired with their contemporary approach that sets them apart from their competitors. LA ALLSTARS Unplugged prides themselves on being extremely flexible and organized with a dedicated attention to detail. The ultimate professionals both on and off stage. 

Home Base: Los Angeles