Krysta Cook

Krysta Cook is a Sonoma County native who began her own performance career as a belly dancer in her teens, which eventually led her into the wild world of circus arts. She has been featured in magazines, books, radio shows and been flown around the Country to perform for elite Clients. She loved making her own costumes from a young age which eventually bloomed into making costumes and stage props for all of the artists she worked with. She has been a catalyst in the growing arts scene in the North Bay over the past ten years, collaborating with other local visionaries to produce/co-produce ongoing successes such as Circus Maximus Sonoma County, SerLaMuse- an art affair, Rouge Dance Company as well as many other one-off specialty shows.

Krysta began to challenge the status quo of local arts when she decided to incorporate wild costuming, custom event entertainment packages and a wide selection of top-notch artists ready to book with just one phone call. A one-stop-shop of specialty arts as born! Krysta is single Mother of a smart young man, an environmental advocate, Licensed Nurse, Certified Personal trainer and philanthropist for local non-profits.

Home Base: Los Angeles