Katrina Saroyan - Harp, Violin, and Accordion

This versatile Los Angeles-area performer plays harp, violin, accordion, piano, and sings the classics with her harp as well as standards, “Popera” and pop tunes in English, Spanish, Italian, and Tagalog! She offers classical string duos such as harp and cello, harp and violin, harp and trumpet, string trios with harp, and string quartets with harp.

She has made a name for herself in the Los Angeles and Southern California area as a harpist since 1995. However, she doesn’t only offer harp music. In addition to her harp services, she offers a large variety of other musical services such as Herald Trumpet and “Gypsy” violin with accordion. While she is a first rate harpist, she is also known for her exquisite violin playing in professional String Quartets, Strings Trios, String Duos and more.  Her strolling accordion repertoire includes music from around the world. She plays all styles of music on the accordion such as Italian, French, German, Polkas, Tangos, Klezmer, Russian, Oktoberfest music and much more!

Home Base: Los Angeles