JP Hunten Music

It is JP Hunten Music's mission to thoroughly and thoughtfully provide the highest quality music for prominent special events. They are dedicated to ensuring that their products and processes are Up Beat, Up Scale, and Up to Date. They are committed to selecting the most appropriate music and musicians to enhance social events, advance philanthropic causes, and invigorate corporate culture.

JP Hunten Music is unique in that they are a group of musicians who represent themselves. This adds a level of expertise and authenticity unparalleled in the industry. The finest music begins with the finest musicians. Many of their artists have resumes that include national and international tours, awards for live and recorded performances, and Broadway credits. Each artist who works with JP Hunten Music contributes their own talent, wealth of experience, and a passion for enhancing people’s lives through music. Creating excellent music is in itself rewarding, and employing that music to underscore people’s most memorable moments is indeed an honor. 

Home Base: Los Angeles