Take Mark Jones - Marin County singer, songwriter....introspective type. Add Tommy Lafferty, Axeman (Crown of Thorns, Voodoo X, Jean Beauvoir, From the Fire) , Bay Area most-wanted Greg Dunn, Bass (The Rusty String Express, Afterglow, Lone Star Retrobates) and Tymber slammin' the skins (The Deadlies, Slam Suzzanne, Creepy KOFY Movietime) & you get... Jonesy.

Jonesy comes out of Marin County, California with rock roots and plenty of twists and turns. What's the sound? Melt your face melodies, free-flying highs and dig deep moods with some new dimensions to great rock & roll that gets you on your feet.

Think The Eagles and Alice Cooper on tour with Marshall Tucker with some sprinkling of a James Taylor, The Who and Tom Petty. Some say Mark carries a little Jim Morrison spirit in him.

Home Base: San Francisco