Jeremy Sutton

Jeremy Sutton creates unique and engaging real-time live digital portraits​ or scenes​ (without use of photography or video capture) for corporate special events, trade shows, conferences, company get-a-ways, VIP entertainment, award ceremonies, inaugurals, celebrations, open houses and galas. 

Jeremy Sutton is a world recognized digital art pioneer and Live Event Painter who embodies the spirit of Silicon Valley's innovative creativity where the fine arts and high technology synergize to produce something astounding, engaging and memorable. His unique live digital painting will ​definitely ​add ​that ​"​WOW!​"​ factor to your event.

Jeremy was the featured iPad performance artist at the at the Smithsonian American Art Museum's America Now! Innovation in Art event in Washington D.C. in 2015, and also at the opening of the iconic David Hockney: Bigger Exhibition at the de Young Museum, San Francisco in 2013. He has performed Live Event Painting internationally for hundreds of clients including Apple, Google, Cirque du Soleil, IBM, Microsoft, CISCO, Wacom, Corel, Bill Graham Presents, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, ​Rijksmuseum, ​Jack Morton Worldwide, TED Conferences, IDG, ​Oracle, The ​Tech Museum and Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

His unique and fascinating form of interactive entertainment can be enjoyed by many people watching the process unfold on the large screen. He works ​the latest in cutting-edge digital art performance technology, from the new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to the just-launched Touchjet Pond, offering an intriguing, exciting, entertaining and memorable experience. 

​Jeremy can bring a 48-inch LED display or plug into any client-supplied HDMI display or projection system.​ He can also bring a printer​ so portrait subjects have an original art memento take take home with them, in addition to being emailed a digital file. The result is a unique, live art performance that captivates, enthralls, inspires and entertains, all at the same time. 

Home Base: San Francisco