Jeremaine LIVE

Born and raised for the streets of Dallas, Texas, Joshua “Jeremaine” Horton brings old skool sounds to today’s trends. As a former US Naval Sailor, former professional football player & personal trainer, Jeremaine is now rediscovering his musical talents to bring joy and excitement to everyone he comes in contact with. As a musical performer, Dj, and MC, Jeremaine has had the honor and privilege of working with a variety of clients, community groups, corporate events and much more.  Whether with Google HQ, Virgin America (SFO), or others, Jeremaine is now combining not only his talents as a dj, but also adding in his abilities as an amazing stage performer and entertainer to give the masses the greatest experience possible! At the end of the day for Jeremaine, its about embracing everything! 

Home Base: San Francisco