Jellyroll Trio

Born out of the swing revival of the 90's, Jellyroll has forged a sound that is at once assured and fine-tuned with freshly conceived arrangements, yet firmly steeped in the traditional form. From the beginning, the band embraced a danceable, stylish sound which they continue to expand upon. The musicianship is as precise as a well-made martini; only the finest ingredients in perfect measure. The repertoire covers jazz, swing and blues of the era plus the songbooks of Louis Jordan, Cab Calloway, Big Mama Thornton and other jump-blues greats. If that's not enough to rattle your bones by, Jellyroll offers up their own brand of high-energy originals that have filled dance floors and captivated audiences up and down the west coast in jazz and blues festivals, countless nightclubs, a regular spot at the famous Derby in Los Angeles and a stint at the Half Note Jazz Club in Athens, Greece. 

Home Base: San Francisco