JB and the Showmance Band

JB and the Showmance Band is a Jazz & Vintage Band covering all the classic music of a bygone era and bringing Old Hollywood back to life. Reminding people everywhere that some music never goes out of style, JB and the Showmance Band delights crowds big and small with timeless tunes and entertaining vocals sung and played by world class musicians.

JB and the Showmance Band has produced shows at Dreamworks Animation, the Cicada Club, the Majestic Downtown, AFM-Local 47, Paramount Studios and for the Motion Picture Television Fund, as well as many private events, parties, and celebrations. The band is currently available in Los Angeles, NYC, and Toronto.

JB and the Showmance Band has within its ranks players who have inclusively played with Wynton Marsalis, Robin Thicke, Quincy Jones, Beyoncé, Sleep No More, and Post Modern Jukebox while performing at venues such as Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, and Disneyland and in countries as distant as China, South Africa and New Zealand. 

Home Base: Los Angeles, New York