Jamus Pajamas

Jamus Pajamas is a street performer and inventor who has created, and performs with, a number of unique musical instruments.

The Heart Pipes are the first bagpipe that allow beatbox and didgeridoo to be played simultaneously by one mind and one heart. By welding air pumps within stilts, Jamus Pajamas allows air to be pumped into the bagpipe using only his legs. This ingenious system frees up his mouth so that he can give his re-invented heart-mimicking-bagpipe a vocal beat.

The FireDoo is a didgeridoo and a magical analog fire instrument invented by Pajamas that lets flames dance to the didgeridoo's sonic wave without technology, speakers, or electronics. The FireDoo is the most visually spectacular didgeridoo performance on the planet due to the use of physics and the chaos of analog fire systems. 

Home Base: San Francisco