James Chan - Child Magician and Juggler

James Chan is a charming magician and juggler whose talent is only surpassed by his effervescent personality. At only ten years old, he has learned to balance school, family time and being a 'kid' with a passionate commitment to perfecting his craft. For James, a typical day includes several hours of practicing and rehearsing, under the watchful direction of his dad, Master Magician, Dan Chan. James Chan has also trained at the San Francisco Circus Center in clowning, stilting, acrobatics and more! Performing regularly at local functions, libraries, grand openings, festivals—even high profile corporate events in Silicon Valley—has allowed this young magician to slowly build a reputation for being one of the top family entertainers in the Bay Area. James' short-term goal is to perform at the White House one year for the Easter Egg Roll. 

James Chan's performances always include an ensemble of astonishing trick routines and juggling feats that will amaze and delight audiences of all ages. Using pure sleight of hand, he performs a 3 shell game, the 3 card monte, spectacular rubber band tricks and a magnificent math routine—he'll even dazzle you by memorizing the order of a shuffled deck playing cards. Showcasing his dexterous skills, James springs cards from hand to hand, cuts a deck of playing cards with one hand and performs other difficult feats that will leave you wondering...'how in the world did he do that?' Prepare yourself to be both in-awe and inspired as James juggles 3, 4 and 5 balls. Your eyes will become transfixed as he passes 5, 6 and 7 balls with his dad or as a signed card unexpectedly jumps across the room into his mouth!! For larger evening events, this charismatic young entertainer will happily greet your guest juggling light up objects for a memorable arrival to your event. Most recently he has added fire juggling and pick-pocketing to his repertoire as well. And, to top it all off, he'll climb into a 6-foot-tall by 6-foot wide balloon for a grand finale worthy of a seasoned professional!

Home Base: San Francisco