Itzel Damaris

A charming performer who exudes feminine grace, Itzel Damaris is a bright, new artist in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. Itzel was born in Queens, New York to Panamanian parents and grew up East of Los Angeles. Itzel, who inherited her love of music from her father and her gift of song from her mother, started performing at the age of ten. Fluent in both Spanish and English, familiar with both Latin and jazz rhythms, Itzel went on to UC Berkeley, where she studied music and sang in the University Chorus; she subsequently performed with the San Francisco Choral Society as well as an acappella jazz group.

Although Itzel's training and experience was primarily in classical music and jazz standards, she was heavily influenced by the Latin and jazz rhythms that permeated every aspect of her life growing up. With this experience, Itzel has managed to create a unique, feminine sound that combines her classical training with the rhythms of her Latina heritage. She released her first contemporary singer/songwriter album, A Lot Like Love, in 2015. 

Home Base: San Francisco