Infinity Boxes

Philosophically the goal of The Infinity Boxes is to playfully explore human perception and social interaction. Aesthetically the goal is to create objects that draw the viewer in from a distance with the box's odd beauty and become progressively less comprehensible during interaction. The Infinity Boxes are social by design and only 'active' when all available windows are filled with a person. These are boxes of mirrors about "The Other" and not "The Self." In that sense they are a form of contemporary portraiture that is tuned to social media.

Typically two people will walk up, look in from each side, put their heads in the box, be surprised/get happy, then spontaneously take out their phones, photograph each other and publish those pictures via the web. It's happened tens of thousands of times now and its the normal interaction in response to the given stimuli. Some of the box experiences cannot be photographed as the 'image' exists solely inside the viewers head. These cases (No.'s 1, 2, 3, 4) rely on each eye giving the brain a separate input which is assembled into an entirely subjective image. In these cases the image is never the same twice, and can never be recorded as experienced, as the process relies on the brain as image compositor of two disparate visual inputs.

The objective form (of the boxes) is the vehicle for the creation of subjective images. While this is natural to human experience, The Infinity Boxes seek to create a state of self awareness of the process of seeing and through that to bring the participants into 'presence' of the moment. 

Home Base: Los Angeles