Horns a Plenty

Horns a Plenty is a 6-piece brass ensemble that is re-defining what it is to be a brass quintet. They're all organic. Nothing electric. Who could ask for anything more?!

They play ballroom dance music, swing, jazz, rhumba, cha-cha, Dixieland, classical music, fanfares, 19th century Americana, wedding favorites, love songs and ballads. They have one foot in JS Bach and the other in Duke Ellington, with plenty of brass in between. They want to squeeze as much music as they can out of each and every note.

Horns a Plenty performs music for private parties, swing dancing, wedding ceremonies and receptions, corporate events, restaurant evening entertainment, church services, public events or even an afternoon concert in the park. Imagine having a brass swing band for your own private house party or concert. How cool is that?!

Because they perform without amplification, they can set up anywhere, indoors or out, and can moderate their sound level to suit most any kind of setting. And dig this... they know how to play soft!

Horns a Plenty plays their music for the love of it and invite you, the audience, to join them in their journey of musical discovery. 

Home Base: San Francisco