Hobo Paradise

Imagine stepping back in time to the 1920s when ragtime-based traditional jazz was the thing, fresh and original, rollicking, funny, tragic and, in essence, a party waiting to happen, and you get Hobo Paradise, a super band of the Bay Area's finest horn players and rhythm section.

Founder of the band and bandleader, JL Stiles, fingerpicks the ragtime style like he was born of the era and croons it with authority. His guitar takes the role of piano with his unique thumb-rolling stride style few can duplicate. 

Mike Rinta, the Bay Area’s top arranger, can play the trombone with more range and fluidity than most trumpeters, and he brings a New Orleans feel that is a great foil for the swanky Ellington sound. 

As for Doug Ellington, great nephew of Duke, there is something to genetics as Doug is very much his own man on the trumpet and plays with a controlled reckless abandon that paints a perma-smile on all within earshot. 

Ben Bernstein is the Bay Area’s most celebrated string bass player. Bernstein’s playful nature shines in this outfit with surprising bass lines that stop the crowd. Once Bernstein digs into the bass, it’s all over; the party can only be stopped by a police raid and actually, they’re liable to join the party as well.

Ben’s partner-in-crime, Mike Stevens, plays with a loose funky feel that has all the tone of the great drummers on those old recordings the band loves so dearly. Fun and unpredictable yet solid and steady as they come, Stevens can make rhythm out of anything, including any object that happens to be on stage, clickety-clacking his way through the often ironic and tragic fun of the Hobo repertoire.

The last piece of the puzzle, Snakebite, is a New Orleans native who recently relocated to the Bay Area. A model and actor as well, Snakebite has all the presence to back up his magical playing. 

Home Base: San Francisco