Young, talented and ambitious define Hirie as an individual and as an artist. Stirring up island-inspired vibes with sounds of roots, reggae and pop while also applying her smooth, sweet and naturally pop-sounding voice to blend it all together, Hirie will undoubtedly be a driving force in new-age music.

Born in the Philippines, raised in Italy, and living the biggest and most influential portion of her life in Hawaii, Hirie considers herself an island girl at heart. The experiences she’s had living on Oahu have taken her on a musical journey worth listening to by all who appreciate her genuine take on love and life.

2013 was the year Hirie entered the music industry. With sheer determination she delivered music that entertained both reggae and pop lovers alike. Charm, passion for people, positive and uplifting messages, and memorable hooks and melodies are offered for all in her self-titled album: Hirie.

“Hirie is a lifestyle I want people to love and become accustomed to. The island-way of living is contagious; healing the mind, body and spirit. The same goes for its music. When people hear my songs, I want them to feel disconnected from their troubles. Music that brings you to a positive place: that’s reggae. Music that lifts you to higher space: that’s Hirie”. -Hirie 

Home Base: Los Angeles