Havana Club Cigar Roller

Cuban-born, Jesus Lara Perez has been rolling cigars for most of his life and has been displaying his skills for many years.

Jesus started working when he was 14 years old in the Cuban cigar factory La Isolina in Santa Clara and has also worked in Quintero, Hoyo De Monterey, La Corona, Partagas and Cohiba. After years of practice and perfecting his skill, Jesus was put in charge of all the cigar rollers in the factory.

Thanks to his work, Jesus has had the opportunity to travel the world, meeting numerous famous people. He has worked in and visited a wide range of countries including Venezuela, Mexico, Italy, England, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Spain and the Bahamas. While working in Spain for six months, he attended an international convention where he was given the honour of rolling a cigar for the King of Spain. A picture of their meeting hangs in the Havana Vieja Lounge.

Home Base: San Francisco