Harmonic Light

Harmonic Light creates 100% UnEdited Exposure Photographic Art!

The Photographer works with a huge arsenal of Lights, Wicked Lasers, Custom made One of a Kind LED Tools, and of course, a professional grade DSLR system + tablet to remotely fire the shutter and preview full resolution work the second the shutter closes!

How does it work? The most common method of creating light paintings with guests is to ask them to choose a position that expresses who they are, a position that screams their personality. Some people choose huge lavish poses, some sip a beer, some meditate, some pose like their turning into the Hulk... It's up to them. 1-2 questions help get a feel for the person's tastes. Then you freeze and the camera's shutter stays open for what is usually around a minute while the artist illustrates the position you chose, adding a scene of lights and color, accentuating actions or reactions and outlining the personality of the person before him.

Seconds later the completely UnEdited Light Painting Portrait pops up on a nearby tablet for immediate full resolution previewing! Prints on-site can also be arranged.

Custom Logo Option: Your logo can be added into the programmable LED tools and added as an element in the light art.

Home Base: Los Angeles, San Francisco