Harmonic Light

Reid Godshaw is the Founder and Artist Behind Harmonic Light, Creators of totally unedited works of long exposure photography! They have created totally unique and charismatic imagery at events for over 9 years! Traveling to festivals, weddings, trade shows, TEDxLA, MTV Wonderland, The Grammys, and over 500 other events and festivals in the USA and Abroad! 

Subjects first work with the artist to find a position that they love and can also stay still while holding, Seated is a great option. Some people choose huge lavish poses, some hold a glass of champagne, some meditate, others lay across a couch like a greek god or goddess... It's up to them (but we do provide suggestions)! 

In some situations we ask the subjects a question or two to help get a feel for the person's tastes (Favorite colors, Favorite things to do, etc.) Then we say “3....2....1 freeze” and the camera's shutter clicks open! Reid jumps into action with light wands and custom made LED tools that have quite the mesmerizing in-person effect! Illustrating the persons position, adding a cityscape of light designs and coloring  in the foreground with only REAL lights and NO EDITING! He accentuates actions and reactions, outlining the personality of the participant. He uses 100% state-of-the-art customized LED tools that have been pre-programmed with visionary art by both Brian Pollett and Reid’s Personal Experimental long exposure collection of imagery being used as brushes in his work alongside graphic designs from other artists. 

The creation process is filled with enthusiasm and excitement, lights being used to draw deeply intricate and complex patterns in real time and with literally zero computer generated image effects or filters creating the image! As soon as Reid is done (normally somewhere between 60-90 seconds on average) the image pops up immediately after capture on a nearby laptop or optionally a 4K TV nearby! Guests can then share the image via E-Mail in full 61 Megapixel Resolution (printable by the subject after the event at any print shop etc in sizes over 97" wide). We also print 4x6, 5x7, and 6x8 lab quality images on site (plastic pollution offset credit is purchased for each event that uses prints for a net positive effect!) Guests can collect a free print in many sizes! We never make the same image twice! Each one is unique and most of the time they are custom tuned to each person!

Reid LOVES what he does and he hopes you do too! He has been featured in many articles, Dubbed a "Festival all star" by FEST300, Received multiple awards, and created images of over 100,000 collective people in over 9 Years of making light art! His images are often set as people's profile and cover photos on FB, IG, And who knows maybe even LinkedIn! His mission is to make your dreams a reality by creating an image that makes you say WOW! 

Having a themed event? Let us create an entire collection of patterns for your event to make everything as cohesive as possible! Having a space theme party? Just ask and we will create a whole new universe of spacey patterns!  Launching a video game or movie? Send us elements from the game and we can load them onto our tools to put your subjects “in the game".

Home Base: Los Angeles, San Francisco

TheSightsAndSounds.Com Exclusive Interview

Reid Godshaw, founder of Harmonic Light, has taken those shining moments of time and crafted a creative technique that places his subjects in the middle of gloriously stunning stories, told through light. Using what he’s learned over the years, Reid is now a familiar face on the festival scene, using the dark canvas of night to paint bold, and often, seriously trippy photos. As you scroll through some of Reid’s favorite selects of 2016 so far, keep in mind that these photos came straight out of his camera, and have not been edited in any way"

Article By Katie Bain

"Using a long-exposure camera setting and his arsenal of custom-made lights and lasers, the Los Angeles-based photographer creates images that look like scenes from a raver’s subconscious. The dazzling images, in which subjects are surrounded by waves of light, are produced live, without the use of Photoshop. While the level of technical proficiency required to create these photos is impressive, what’s perhaps cooler is the way they seem to capture a sense of each subject’s soul. "

Article By: Laura Mason

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"perhaps my favorite part of the festival occurred: We got our portraits taken by photography wizard Reid Godshaw, who takes long-exposure photos and uses special lights to paint around his subjects, creating trippy-as-hell, unedited and one-of-a-kind images that seem to live and breathe energy and magic. "

The Huffington Post
Article By: Morena Duwe

" Reid Godshaw of Harmonic Light, was bringing out our inner rainbows with his unique style of long-exposure photography. To be captured by Reid is an honor as he doesn't just photograph our faces, he photographs our souls."
Article Here With Our Featured Image!

Article By: Amanda Pearl

"an incredible long exposure photo experience."
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