Groove Heads

Since 2007, Groove Heads Entertainment, LLC has provided a laugh-out-loud interactive guest experience that caters to all types of corporate and social events, attracts all ages and creates a long-term promotional R.O.I. that will make any marketing department smile.

They are masters of tickling your guests' funny bone by making them instant Music Video Stars that everyone sees as it happens and supplies fresh new entertainment every few minutes. The best part, NO TALENT NEEDED! Guests don't need to even know the songs to get their Groove Head on, just bounce their head and have fun lip-syncing to their favorite tunes. The results are hilarious and audiences love seeing their coworkers, friends and family tap into their silly side that also creates a very groovy bond.

As soon as guests finish making their video they are handed a DVD of their show. Here is the part your marketing team will love. Each guest show DVD has your custom printed promotional brand or message on the cover, which creates a fun long-term memory guests keep and every time they show off their video, you are promoted. 

Home Base: Los Angeles