Giggle & Riot

Giggle & Riot believe the world needs a little more woohoo and a little less snoresville. Amazing fun for birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, engagements and just about anything else you can think of, they arrive early to roll out the red carpet as your guests shimmy, shake and mug for the camera in their innovative, open air photo booth.

Giggle & Riot Funbooths were created by the top notch wedding photographers at Milou and Olin Photography so that guests can have a non-lame photo booth experience at events.

The whole idea is to reinvent the boring old photo booth concept using high powered studio lights, modern DSLR cameras, a sick sense of humor, top notch customer service, gobs of style, a little giggling and a lot of rioting. The result: a hilarious funbooth that’s as unique, supertastic and fun-filled as you are!

Work it for the lens, and they’ll work it for your soiree. 

Home Base: San Francisco