Fely Tchaco

If beauty is all it takes for success, well then Ivory Coast music sensation Fely Tchaco embodies this quality and more. This multi-talented artist, currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she created her own record label and formed her own band of musicians from various parts of the globe.

Fely's music speaks a universal language that can be felt with sweetness, simplicity and a quality that melts away all genre boundaries. It is a cocktail of world fusion that truly translates her music style. She calls it "Tribal Pop." Fely is surrounded by a plethora of professional musicians who are much in tune with the percussive sounds and beats that are part of her culture. She is a total package with a powerful persona, positive aura, she is a dynamic performer and dancer as well specializing in rhythms of the forest like Ggegbe, Gahou, Alloukou and Zaouli.

Fely's music style is catchy and features pop-driven songs in English, French, and Gouro infused with traditional folk rhythms and some acoustics. 

Home Base: San Francisco