Family Feud

Heat up the competition at your event with an incredible recreation of the popular TV game show. Divide your attendees into teams who will compete against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to a survey question posed to 100 people. Questions can be general or specifically tailored to your event. Family Feud is not only fun to play, it also makes for a great teambuilding exercise.

The game starts with two groups, five members each. A face-off starts every round, where the team captains for each team shake hands and try to come up with the best answer to a question which was asked of 100 people. (Ex. "Name a famous vacation destination.") Whoever rings in first gets first crack at an answer; if he/she gets the number one answer, they automatically are given a choice to play the question, or pass it to the other team. The team that plays the question tries to guess the remaining answers until they guess them all, or until they give three incorrect answers ("Strikes"). If they get three strikes, the other team will try to guess one of the remaining answers. If the other team gets it, they "steal" the points in the bank, but if not, the team with the question gets the points.

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