Amidst the multi-genre music scene that is the San Francisco Bay Area, Dynamic's soulful discovery of eclectic, engaging music offers a multitude of flavors that intrigue the senses and blow the mind. Labeled "One of the Best Hip-Hop Bands of the Bay" by the San Francisco Chronicle, Dynamic is anything but your average Hip-Hop band. Blending genres such as Hip-Hop, Rock, and Soul, to name a few, Dynamic is inventing and celebrating the diversity of a new genre.

Led by Hip-Hop drummer and lyricist Darian Gray (OIGC, FY Carol), Dynamic journeys into the culmination of urban culture by funneling the thoughts and sentiments of every day life through the soulful stylings of vocalist Kimiko Joy (Omega Rae, Goapelle), evolutionary keyboardist Colin Hogan (Agua Libre, Brass Mafia), multi-faceted string extraordinaires, guitarist Jon Monahan and bassist Tommy "Gun" Folen (Realistic Orchestra, Destiny Wolf), and brass blowing spirit, trombonist Jeanne Geiger (Uptones, Realistic Orchestra). 

Home Base: San Francisco