Story of Drumdala

Drumdala is an audio-visual performance group specializing in a fusion of tribal, modern dance, cinematic, and meditative styles.  It is based around a unique instrument designed by Richard Sherwood called The Drumdala- mandala of drums.  This instrument is a blend of acoustic and tonal electronic drums which can loop and layer a vast array of powerful  and beautiful sounds.


The design inspiration for the instrument comes from the Taiko drumming tradition, early electronic drummers, DJ culture, and visionary instrument inventor William Close. Richard has performed around the world with Mr. Close's Earthharp Collective for the past 15 years.  The drumdala is an evolution of Mr. Close's drumcloud with the latest electronic looping technology.

Richard's playing style comes from many places including African, Indian, Japanese, and Middle Eastern drumming traditions, modern dance music, and good old rock 'n' roll. 

Home Base: Los Angeles, CA