Django Foxtrot

Django Foxtrot is a jazz band specializing in private events and weddings in Southern California. From the timeless sounds of 1930s gypsy jazz to the effortless cool of David Bowie and Lou Reed, Django Foxtrot seamlessly blends and elevates different styles and genres into a clever and dynamic performance.

The project is a collaboration between Michael David and Jesse Kivel, the founders of Dart DJ, and Nahum Zdybel, the accomplished guitarist and Cal Arts graduate who helms the group. For over a year, these three have carefully crafted a repertoire showcasing both Nahum's distinct arrangement style and the curatorial expertise of Dart.

At the core of gypsy jazz is a trio consisting of an upright bass and two guitarists. While Django Foxtrot honors tradition, various add ons and combinations involving vocalists, drums, violins and clarinets are available and welcome.

Like the fox that represents Django Foxtrot, this is clever jazz.

Home Base: Los Angeles