DJ Xave

Xavier Thompson was involved in Omaha’s music scene and producing music for almost 10 years, as a DJ he quickly became the most requested DJ at Image Entertainment, DJing for an average of 60 clients a year.

What made him such a sought after DJ in the Omaha Metro area and its surrounding cities was not only his skill in mixing the latest songs with cuts from your favorite era but also his likeability and eclectic personality.

“During events, I like to engage directly with my audience, whether it be as a whole or individually, because they feed off of my energy as much as I feed off of theirs. I show my personality early on so guests can get to know me, as well as be comfortable enough to hit the dance floor later on in the night.”

With a strong background in music, from production to being an accomplished saxophonist, Xave actually got his start DJing on tour with Def Jam recording artist Mark Battles. The tour covered almost 30 major cities, with stops in Chicago, Denver, New York, Portland, San Diego, and Seattle. Eventually, he would go on to become the tour DJ and MC for several other acts, including Jonah Marais, the lead singer of popular LA boyband “Why Don’t We,” and open up for several major artists like Future, Rae Sremmurd, and Waka Flocka.

While on tour, he took on the challenge of learning how to adapt to all types of audiences, reading a crowd, knowing what to play, and when to play it in order to make the event a success and keep the crowd happy.

Now in LA, DJ Xave makes being the Master of Ceremonies his full-time job, specializing in weddings and hosting events every weekend, while working on music production during the weekdays. He keeps his music library up to date constantly and is always learning new skills in his downtime to add to his sets.

Home Base: Los Angeles