DJ Rob

DJ Rob is not your everyday DJ. He won't play the same tracks that you hear at many other events, and he won't rely on the same tired playlist to hopefully get your guests on the dance floor. The Bay Area-based DJ aims to elevate the dance floor. He specializes in music that fuses scratching, wordplay, live remixing and mash-ups with Top 40, House, 80's and 90's classics, along with Classic Rock, Soul, Funk, R&B, Hip hop and current Dance tracks. He has performed with Tainted Love, Super Diamond, Wonder Bread 5, Notorious, Foreverland, Electric Guest, Pride & Joy, and many others. DJ Rob's passion for making people move with music has turned into a long and flourishing career as one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most fashionable and in demand DJs. His emergence as a Party Rocker and a professional DJ is deeply rooted in his passion for all genres of music. He remains dedicated and works hard on his art, creating a party atmosphere wherever he plays. 

Home Base: San Francisco