DJ Aykut

Aykut has been in the music and entertainment business for over 16 years. Started out as a DJ at Istanbul's most popular radio station, Power FM, and continued working there for many years. He went on to play in all the city's most popular dance clubs such as Havana, Zihni, Barrio Latino, Hamam, Au Bar, etc. DJ Aykut has traveled throughout Europe and the United States to play at a number of popular clubs, private parties, and special events.

In fact, throughout his career, he has served as the main DJ at thousands of parties and events. He continued spinning in Istanbul and the other surrounding European countries until 2000 when he moved to San Francisco. He opened up his own Restaurant & Bar called "Piyassa." Now, he is organizing the best international theme parties in this beautiful city. With his huge music collection, DJ Aykut's unique style blends international beats from all around the world.

His team also speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Farsi, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, and more!

Home Base: San Francisco