Der Brasswerks

The Brassworks Band features an ever-growing catalog of 19th and 20th century ballroom music from Europe, Russia, the British Isles and America. They re-create authentic dance tunes and steps from the Civil War Era and from early California as well.

Float around the ballroom to romantic Strauss Waltzes. Kick up your heels to Quicksteps, Schottisches, Gallops, Grand Marches, Rounds, lively Polkas, Mazurkas and Quadrilles, and an exciting Can-Can. Their Dance Master can also be engaged to teach and to call all of the authentic steps.

The Brassworks Band consists of the versatile Brassworks Quintet and their multi-talented drummer, making it an ideal, and affordable, "Little Big Band" for dance parties and wedding receptions. The Band's repertoire includes Dixieland standards, classics from Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington and the Swing era, Motown, Rock & Roll, Waltzes & Polkas, Rhumbas, Sambas and Tangos, and traditional Oktoberfest music.

Home Base: San Francisco