Dee Dee Hanson as Joan Rivers

Impressionist, comedienne, singer, actress... All describe America's most incredible Joan Rivers impersonator, the multi-talented Dee Dee Hanson.

Dee Dee has been professionally performing since 1989. Her versatility and ability to engage her audience in comic repartee have been instrumental in the dramatic growth of her career and resulted in bookings throughout the U.S. and more and more requests for an encore performance.

The "Joan Rivers" characterization came about as a result of a suggestion by a perceptive agent who noted a natural visual and vocal similarity to "the real" Joan. It certainly was a natural fit. Dee Dee's first appearance at a corporate event as "Joan" was a standout! She knew she'd found her nitch upon her arrival. Attendees' milled about, watching, asking, "What is Joan Rivers doing here?" They crowded around, asking for her autograph. It was a message and truly a glorious beginning.

When asked "What do you feel is one of your greatest accomplishments" Dee Dee is quick to respond, "When I performed as 'Joan' in front of the real Joan Rivers on national television and received compliments from Joan herself."

Home Base: Los Angeles