De-Ann Lott

Take the texture and tone of Rachelle Ferrell, the fervor and conviction of Tramaine Hawkins, the sincerity and authenticity of CeCe Winans; mix it with the lyrical interpretation and song styling of Oleta Adams or Nancy Wilson, the contemporary delivery of Yolanda Adams, and the range of Krystal Murden with a unique, healing connection in song and you have an approximate description of the inspirational and vocal styling of De-Ãnn Lott (pronounced Dionn).

A native of Northern California, De-Ãnn, was influenced heavily by jazz, R&B, gospel, as well as the blues. She is no stranger to musical fusion and finds herself as comfortable with jazz and R&B, as well as inspirational music. De-Ãnn's musical delivery is something that you feel and experience, not just from a hearing perspective, but from a visceral depth. De-Ãnn has performed with some of the best in the industry including Eric Roberson, Patti LaBelle, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Daryl Coley, to name a few. 

Home Base: San Francisco