David Luning

David Luning's music has been called “gritty, joyful, soulful Americana.” His earnest songwriting, lively story-telling, and rich, captivating voice would have you believe you’re listening to a hardened veteran of Nashville. His debut album, Just Drop on By was released to rave reviews and has garnered Luning numerous film placements as well as many songwriting awards. 

In 2013, David auditioned for American Idol to receive worldwide exposure for his original music, and to be an advocate for Americana music. Out of 75,000 people who auditioned, he made it to the top 100, performing his original song “In Hell I Am”, which appeared on American Idol’s January 16th, 2014 episode, viewed by 18 million across the world. Jennifer Lopez commented, “I love it. He has a really, really beautiful tone.” Keith Urban praised him, saying, “You have stanch originality, no one’s doing what you do… You’re a good singer-songwriter, story-telling guy.”

His highly anticipated sophomore album Restless Wanderer is to be released in 2016. 

Home Base: San Francisco