Darryl Coe

Darryl Coe, as a little boy, first lived in San Francisco and often visited the nearby Cliff House where he was first introduced to the many mechanical musical machines. His love of this special type of music lay dormant until 2007 when he was in Dortmund (Germany) for Christmas. On a late cold dark night while window shopping, he came across a Leierkastenmann playing his Drehorgel street organ.

Darryl spoke with a German friend who builds medieval musical instruments about where he could find a Drehorgel. A few months later, Darryl visited organ builder Axel Stueber in Berlin. While in Europe with his new smaller organ he made 6 videos that appear on YouTube.

Back in California, Darryl buskers in San Francisco and Redwood City. Darryl, with his unique music and with the help of his hand puppet monkey, 'Affe' (German term for monkey) is just being discovered with a variety of bookings now set. One booking that he now has for 2011 is in the San Mateo Fair where he and Affe were kicked out three years previously.

Darryl is a member of the 'Internationale Drehorgel Freunde Berlin E.V.' and AMICA (Automatic Musical Instrument Collector's Association). Darryl performs in Charlottenburg's International Drehorgel Festival in Berlin every July and in the Sutter Creek, CA Organ Festival every October. Darryl and Affe reside in Redwood Shores. 

Home Base: San Francisco