Dan Beck Band

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana Dan Beck has over 40 years experience as a guitarist and is a prolific composer and songwriter, adding new tunes every week. His music extends over a number of different genres—blending jazz, blues, folk, rock, Latin and classical—it is ever-changing due to his ability to improvise even as a solo guitarist.

The Dan Beck Band plays original jazz-blues fusion music written by founder Dan Beck. The band's repertoire consists of both instrumental and vocal compositions—original music, and a few covers. This is feel-good music with an up-beat tempo. Trained in classical guitar, Dan Beck's music also has a slight classical influence. He finger picks both acoustic and electric guitar and has been composing and performing his original music since he was a teenager. The Dan Beck Band consists of Dan Beck guitar and vocals, Stephanie Woehermann on bass guitar, Dave Prentiss playing drums, Robert Rosett with winds and Chapman Stick, Tyler Reilly with violin, and occasionally Sebastian with tablas and Macucho on percussion. 

Home Base: San Francisco