Damond Moodie

Damond Moodie was brought up on a steady diet of Motown Soul, Hard Rock, and 80's pop music. This Cleveland, Ohio native decided to blend his velvet thunder vocals with the rootsy and spare sounds of the acoustic guitar. Only problem was, he didn't know how to play the guitar.

Determined to develop as a performing songwriter, the newly anointed musician cut a demo tape, and for months drove halfway around the U.S. A picture of determination, this self-taught guitar player used open mics to hone his craft and sell his product.

Eventually Damond landed in Oakland, California and is currently writing material for the all acoustic follow-up to Daydreamer and Fishin' for Words. You can find him performing around the Bay Area at farmer's markets, cafes, and clubs as a solo acoustic artist. Who does he sound like? Comparisons have been made to Seal, Jack Johnson, India.Aire and Tracy Chapman. He calls his music alternative soul and with poetic eloquence and emotive intensity. Damond Moodie attempts to uplift, commiserate, and serenade a damaged world.

Home Base: San Francisco