Cowboy Jared

Cowboy Jared began performing music in classes and cafes for the very young people in 2007 with two daughters (Chloe and Alexis) coaching him along. This direct experience helped him transcend grown-up tendencies of over-analysis, however he is grateful for a wonderful education from USC's Thorton School of music. CJ began picking the guitar at 6, and still remembers what it was like to discover the strings' resonance. This type of memory helps him continually relate to such fresh minds while leading the momentary charge through the tunes, moves, rhythms and rhymes.

CJ has performed professionally playing Americana styles of music since high school. He has performed solo and with groups for children, families and teachers in pre-schools, festivals, elementary schools, parties, music venues, parks and parades but never ever on a boat. If a boot-stompin' good time for buckaroos young and old is what you’re looking’ for, this is cowboy for the job!

Recently Cowboy Jared has been enlisting the talents of musicians Dawn Roorda playing acoustic bass/vocals and Joan Wilson Rueter playing fiddle/vocals for larger performances, and on a forthcoming cd of new original music for lil’ coyotes and their packs. Keep listening’!

Home Base: San Francisco