Collectivity Trio

Collectivity Trio is a funky jazz trio comprised of world-class touring musicians whose members include Ben Misterka (guitarist for Lyrics Born & bandleader for the full 6-piece Collectivity Band) on guitar, Darian Grey (drummer for Booker T, Lyrics Born, Fantastic Negrito) on drums, and Kevin Wong (keyboardist for Jazz Mafia, Lyrics Born, and Collectivity). They sometimes work with one or two of the horn players from their full band, whose members include Daniel Casares (415's, Otis McDonald, & Atta Kid) on sax, Mike Olmos (Tommy Igoe, Lavay Smith, Atta Kid) on trumpet, and Uriah Duffy (Whitesnake, Points North, Fantastic Negrito, Lyrics Born) on bass. 

Home Base: San Francisco