Chris Herren

Chris Herren as Faust represented the United States of America at the 2021 FISM North American Championships, competing as one of the top 6 Parlor Magicians on the continent. 

His performances have won him 4 international competition awards which include the 2018 and 2019 (PCAM) Pacific Coast Association of Magicians, 1st Place Gold Medal Award for Parlor Magic. 

Faust has made acclaimed performances on the World Famous Magic Castle Hollywood Virtual Show, Jeff Mcbride's Vegas Wonderground, Ron Saylor's Celebrities of Magic, Scot Nery's Boobie Trap LA, Washington Magic, and the Magic and Meaning Conference in Las Vegas.

Chris is a regular performer on the international network Asian Culture Television. He has also filmed the opening sequence for America's Got Talent Season 15 and appeared on "NBC's Today Show" with Lester Holt.

"The Chris Herren as Faust Experience offers a cirque style performance filled with mime, music, and magic that tantalizes the mind and delights the senses." Paul Draper, Renowned Anthropologist & Mentalist

Chris is directed and coached by legendary magician and Guinness World Record Holder, Jeff McBride. He has also studied under award winning theater maker Dan Griffiths (a former student of Marcel Marceau), in the art of Pantomime and Physical Theater.

In addition to his performance accomplishments, Chris has been credited with the completion of a written thesis on "Creating a Magical Experience" with the audience. His thesis is now archived at the The Magic Circle Library in London, England. Chris is also a cancer survivor and gives motivational talks. He discusses how overcoming cancer led him to an unexpected journey to the Las Vegas Stage.

Home Base: San Francisco