Chad Nelson - Magician

Chad Nelson has been at the forefront of magic for over a decade. Accepted into the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California at the age of twelve. Chad has already pushed card magic to the edge, forming it into a visual art. With the release of his long-anticipated DVD Surfaced, his underground magic was taught to magicians all over the world.

Chad brings his style and love to make the logical seem impossible. He will bring you on an adventure through his world, where all is possible; filling you with a childlike wonder. His passion for close-up magic is contagious. Some of the things you might see: coins melting as if they were in Dali’s Persistence of Memory; dollars turning to hundreds; wedding rings floating; playing cards becoming sculpture and dancing with elegance in his hands. Modern magic, simple and direct.

Chad is consistently on demand at nightclubs all over Los Angeles. He travels regularly all over the world performing for clients. At present, Chad is developing a magic act for the Magic Castle that will take everyone by surprise; even fellow magicians.

Home Base: Los Angeles