“Cellista is a classically-trained, punk rock spirit girl with the charm and elegance to defy the stereotype that classical music isn’t cool.” — Belle Foundation

With an edgy performance style that falls outside the box of classical tradition, Cellista performs works across a range of genres including pop, hip-hop, classical and more, all utilizing her carbon fiber cello and loop station. She has recorded and performed with Van Dyke Parks, The Awesome Orchestra Collective, Grammy-nominated artist Tanya Donelly, and The Coup, as well as Casey Cresenzo of The Dear Hunter.

Cellista’s penchant for performing music in unconventional spaces and her devotion to collaborating with artists across medium has led her to create unique performances that incorporate elements of classical music, improvisation and visual art. 

She is the founding artistic director of the arts-based company Juxtapositions and JAMS (Juxtapositions Avant Music Symphony), a process-based youth ensemble that merges classical and contemporary repertoire with professional development, mentoring and advocacy for emerging artists.  

Cellista is an acclaimed producer and artistic director. Most recently she debuted her interdisciplinary exhibit The End of Time, alongside internationally renowned visual artist Barron Storey’s solo exhibit Quartet at Anno Domini art gallery in San Jose with her chamber music collective the Juxtapositions Chamber Ensemble. The critically acclaimed dual exhibition, created in tribute to French composer Olivier Messiaen’s seminal chamber work "The Quartet for the End of Time," received mention in Juxtapoz magazine. 

Her debut full-length album, Finding San Jose, was released in Fall of 2016.

Home Base: San Francisco