Carlos Reyes

Carlos Reyes, recording artist, producer, engineer, harpist and violinist, has been breaking musical barriers since his first public performance at the age of five. Born in Paraguay South America, he began his musical education at the age of three and a half on the violin. Continuing his musical education, at an early age Carlos eventually learned to play many different instruments including guitar, bass, mandolin, keyboards, as well as mastering the use of a variety of electronic devices and special effects. He made his debut on harp with the Oakland Symphony and his debut on the violin with the Oakland Youth Symphony at just fourteen years of age. He has worked in the professional recording industry for commercials and instrumental background music for the acclaimed children’s shows “Sesame Street” and “Villa Alegre” when he was still in his teens. Recently returning from tours in Asia and South America, he keeps sharing his brand of music to more and more parts of the world to great reviews. Carlos has been invited by the Ministry of Education in Paraguay to come back and give concerts.  

Along with an international musical reputation, Mr. Reyes has amassed a large enthusiastic Bay Area following, always wondering what new surprise or style of music he’ll bring to the stage. His charismatic personality and outstanding musical talents are a potent combination with which he performs an extensive and entertaining repertoire. The Bay Area is proud to claim Carlos Reyes as one of its most favorite and talented artists.

Home Base: San Francisco