Cafe Manouche

Based in London/Stamford, but traveling all over the UK, Café Manouche are a young Gypsy jazz & swing band formed by three brothers, perfect for that special event.

Playing music from the 1920s to the 50s, including Parisian Waltzes, hot swing and touches of latin and bossa nova, played in the distinctive style of gypsy jazz guitar legend Django Reinhardt.
Café Manouche's music is perfect for many occasions and suits most venues; weddings, private parties, garden parties, festivals, vintage themed events, swing dance events, afternoon tea, sunday lunchtimes, late night bars, cafés, hotels, casinos and many more...

The band have played many private parties and weddings and are perfect for any time of day! Cafe Manouche can tailor their music sets to just one genre but specialise in being diverse in their range of styles. The band is a quintet in full, with melodic accordion/piano, two swinging fiery guitars, hot double bass and sultry vintage style female vocals.

Home Base: London